Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bocas Del Toro: Monkey Tree Casita

After living in hostels in Bocas Town for the last two weeks, we are now residents of Monkey Tree Casitas. What is a Casita you ask? Well using my trusty 'Google Translate' tool, I learned that Casita means Cottage in Spanish. Monkey Tree only consists of two Casitas and they are situated in a jungle-like setting on the main Island of Colon.

When you open the big wooden gates to the property, you are greeted my gorgeous plants that immediately transport you into another place. The Casita's were beautifully built rustic wooden flours, timber verandas and tiled steps. On the veranda is the dining table, 4 chairs and a huge hammock to chill out in. I love how most of the place is outdoors and you feel like you are living in the jungle.

When you walk up the stairs to our door, there are tons of little critters running around. So far we have seen frogs, geckos, butterflies, but still no monkeys! Apparently they live in the trees around us but we haven't spotted them yet. The butterflies are absolutely stunning. There is one (or maybe its more than one - who knows) that always flies by when we leave or come back in the house. It has a neon blue colour, I've never seen anything like it.

Another great feature is where it is located on the island. We are a 15 min bike ride from Bocas Town and have a great beach right across the street. The beach in front of our place has a reef over most of it, so swimming is a bit tough. The good news is that there is a swimming hole within the reef so we are able to take dips there. We bought two snorkels yesterday so hoping to get out there and snorkel on the reef a few times this week.

We have rented 2 cruiser bikes and are able to get everywhere on the island on them. The road into town is beautiful. It winds around the beaches and palm trees all along the coast. The only really dangerous thing* you need to watch out for is fallen coconuts. This morning I rode into town for a Yoga class and couldn't get the smile off my face. 

The beaches by our house also offer awesome surfing. A huge swell hasn't come yet, but Nathan has been enjoying having the waves across the street and has been out once or twice everyday since we got here. (I even got out there one day.... which wasn't too pretty)

Having our own place, has been awesome for making home cooked meals. I have a few tropical meals to share but I think I'll wait until the next post!

Interesting Facts:
  • *There are no bike helmets on the whole island. Weird right? When you bike on the main road, there are taxi's and rental cars that zoom by and it is a little scary at times. I really can't understand how no one has thought to bring some in yet... but everything here is about 30 years in the past.
  • Taxi's are an interesting experience. Once they pick you up, it is never a direct route. The cost to get from our place to town is $2 US each. Buuut, anyone that flags the taxi down, will also get a ride (and pay as well). You could be taking a 10 min taxi to town and stop for 4 more people (so you are squished in the back) and arrive 20 min later. It's all pretty funny actually and very convenient when you want to hail a taxi yourself!
Are you guys actually reading this?? If so, leave a damn comment below :)

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Hammock happiness


  1. dear kate! I'm reading this and think the island life and bike cruiser transport suits you quite nicely.

    Missing you here at Crouton's pad.

  2. Here's another comment for you... um - JEALOUS!!! Looks like you guys are having a blast. Love the pics. No snow in Whistler, so you're missing NOTHING in BC! xx

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! I love how the interiors of the home are so colourful against the rustic wood floors & big windows. I should ask you to do a guest post on interiors in panama on my blog ;)

  4., surf, surf. Big hug guys.

  5. It all looks amazing! I especially like the taxi story. I think I have one good taxi story from each of my countries, although, it usually involved me getting ripped off somehow.
    ps keep surfing!