Monday, October 19, 2015

8 Great Podcasts to Download - 2015

People are always asking me ideas for new Podcasts to download so I thought I'd write a quick post. I tend to listen to A LOT of Podcasts these days. The best part about them is that they are free!

Why download Podcasts?? Well, I listen to them when I'm out walking the baby in the stroller, in the car on road trips, while washing dishes, hanging laundry... you get the picture. I do like listening to music, but really love a good story or great interview when I'm tired of music.

Here are some that I love:

The Nerdist - Pretty simple.  A guy named Chris Hardwick and a couple other comedians interview one celebrity each show. I like it because the celebrity tells the story of how they got started in music/tv/movies before they were famous. Fun to hear about their rise to fame through a long format interview (about an hour) where they can chat casually.

Stuff You Should Know - Two guys pick one topic (Scientology, Airplanes, Cancer, etc) and research the hell out of it. Then they spend about 1 hour explaining it to the audience. The guys are great at this and it's cool to learn something at the same time. There are TONS of these so pick any topic you want and they probably have it there.

Q with Shad - Arts and Entertainment show from Toronto, Canada. I used to listen every morning on the radio when I lived in Canada and really liked it. Shad is the host (great guy I know from high school) and does everything from interviewing celebs to have panel discussions and chatting about current events. There is usually a musical guest each week that plays live on the show.

The Dollop - Like "stuff you should know" but about a moment in history AND super funny. Two comedians tell a true story from the past. It is always SUPER funny and quite interesting too since they are all 100% true stories. (most are hard to believe) Listen to 'Reg Spiers', 'The Yankee Switch' or 'Rainbow Man' to get started :)

WTF with Marc Maron - A lot like The Nerdist but the interview is just with one guy - Marc. He is also a comedian but is rather long winded - notice the 20-30 min long intro to each episode (Nerdist has a 2-5min one) Marc has made a huge name for himself and had OBAMA come to his garage as a guest earlier this year.

Serial - This podcast made podcasts famous in 2014. It takes a true crime story and tries to solve it with more clues each week. It was absolutely fantastic but became massively popular so you have probably already listened to it. I hear the new season is coming soon.

Mystery Show - From the makers of Serial but I liked it waaay more. The host is completely awesome to listen to, I love her dry sarcastic wit and genuine interest in each rather strange 'mystery'. She solves one mystery each episode and usually they are pretty small and insignificant. The journey is a lot better then the destination in this one. Really excited for the new season. Listen to the 'video store' episode, so good.

60 Minutes - This happens to be one of my favourite TV shows so naturally the Podcast is one I love. It is simply the show from Sunday night in Podcast form. So if you watch the show already, don't bother. But... if you constantly miss the show like I do, make sure to download. Always super interesting stories about politics, entertainment and current events.