Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tulip Festival in Agassiz, BC

Every year in Agassiz, BC, thousands of tulips go on display for the public to see. These festivals happen all over the world and are absolutely breathtaking to see. I first saw photos on Instagram and did some research that led me to Agassiz. It was only about an hour from Vancouver so made for a good day trip.

Facts on the Agassiz Tulips of the Valley Festival:

  • This will be the 9th year of the festival
  • There are 14 hectares of tulip fields
  • There are over 20 different varieties of tulips on the fields
  • Up to 3,000 visitors can come on a busy day
  • Tulips can be purchased on site as well as local crafts and a farmers market
  • The 2014 festival might be over May 1st, try to get there this week! :)

Tips for going to the Tulip Festival:

  • Research - The tulips are only in full bloom for 1-3 weeks so do your research before making plans. The Agassiz Festival posts all info on their Facebook Page 
  • Check the weather - Photos won't be as good if you get rain or overcast skies... make sure to check before you go
  • Battery and Memory - Ensure you have plenty of battery power and memory for your cameras and phones before going. It's waaaay too beautiful to miss out. 
  • Bring cash - parking is $5, entry is $3 and there are great local products to buy to support the farm
  • Avoid the Crowds - Go early. Check what time it opens and aims to get there then. The worst thing would be to wait in line all day in your car. I heard they even had to turn people away last weekend because too many showed up at the same time.
  • Have fun! :)

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