Sunday, March 7, 2010

Halaekala Sunrise (Maui, Hawaii)

Viewing the sunrise from above the clouds is a once in a lifetime type of thing... I highly recommend this if you are in Maui.

Halaekala is an old volcano that is 10,000 ft  high. You can drive all the way to the top and watch the sunrise there. It is recommended that you get there 2 hour before sunrise so you see all the crazy colours from above the clouds. It's a good idea to bring an SLR camera, lots of battery and memory card space!

The drive up is very crazy. It will be dark and the road curls up around the crater, tons of turns and very small road. Make sure you have a driver that is alert and not sleepy. It is very cold at the top. You can borrow blankets from hotel front desk. It was 1.5 hrs from our hotel so we left around 3:30am. Generally people are apprehensive to get up this early. Have two alarm clocks set in case your boyfriend turns one off and threatens to break up with you if you make him get up at this hour. You can stop at the 24 grocery store and get snacks before the trip there.

On the way down the volcano, check out the spots below...

Kula Lodge - This is a great place to get breakfast after driving for 2 hours and standing in the cold for an hour. I think it opens around 7am and breakfast is sooo good. Try the traditional eggs/bacon/potatoes and also the pancakes with coconut syrup. Delicious. The views are incredible and the staff is great. Keep your sweater on, still very cold.

View from Kula Lodge
Surfing Goat Dairy - Little goat farm with surfboards everywhere, free tours and sampling. All the local restaurants in Maui use their goat cheese, Mmmm. If you're lucky, you might even be there when one of the goats gets onto the surfboard. Best. Moment. Ever.

Full album of Maui pics: 

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